Year 3 Caldecotte Trip

Last weekend most of Year 3 went on their residential trip to The Caldecotte Experience in Milton Keynes. We left just before mid-day Friday and returned at 1:30pm on Saturday.

In total the children experienced 5 different activities including climbing, bush craft, problem solving, archery and zorbing. Each activity lasted an hour and a half while archery and zorbing were 45 minutes each.

The children had a fantastic time during all the activities. In archery not only did they fire at the targets they also learnt all about the safety elements and different parts of the bow. The children learnt how to create a fire and a shelter in bushcraft and had to work together on some very tricky problem solving activities. Some groups might have still be there now if the instructor had not helped them out.

Climbing was an excellent activity in which all the children pushed themselves to achieve the best they could. Some of the children were like Spiderman reaching the top while others improved on each climb or  moved onto the trickier wall.

Zorbing was brilliant and I did not hear a bad comment from any of the children, they thought it was hilarious watching each other fall all over the place in the big bubble.

In the evening all the children ate as if they hadn’t been fed in weeks and afterwards learnt a few songs around the campfire.

Overall the children slept well through the night until the (EARLY) morning and their behaviour and representation of Akeley Wood School was fantastic.

It was a great trip and I know they can’t wait for next year’s trip.

Thank you to Miss Illingworth, Mrs Fox and Mrs Engledow who came on the trip and gave up part of their weekend.

Mr Peedell

Head of Year 3

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