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Food Technology-

We have had another busy year in the Food Tech room. Results of a  recent pupil questionnaire revealed to it be one of the most popular subjects in school and one which pupils would like to continue to study up to GCSE level. Visitors always comment on how wonderful it is to see the children cooking and learning such a valuable life skill.

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Year 3 have been making biscuits this term. They have included oat and raisin biscuits, lemon twists and savoury cheese biscuits. For the last lesson, all pupils designed and made some rather unusual shaped and flavoured biscuits. We were also lucky enough to have Mrs Kufeji come to visit. She took time out from her company Cakesville, where she usually makes bespoke wedding cakes and special event cakes, to show our pupils how to mix icing and decorate biscuits to look like Minions!

Year 6 have been learning about famous chefs and following some of their recipes. They enjoyed making Jamie Oliver’s Fish and Chips as they got to use the blue chopping board! The most popular recipe was Nigella Lawson’s Little Lemon Puddings. Not many of them made it home!  In the last lesson of the year many pupils were involved in a ‘Ready Steady Cook styled lesson. They had so much fun working together to create tasty dishes by using all the secret ingredients from the bags.

Year 5 have been making starters, main courses and desserts. I think the most popular activity was making Onion Bharjis, even though the onions made their eyes run!  Many of the pupils were so surprised to find that they actually liked the taste even though they didn’t think they would. In the last lesson of the year they had to independently follow a recipe and to make different light bites. These included garlic dough balls, all day breakfast and treacle tarts. They really enjoyed tasting each other’s food.

Year 4 have enjoyed learning about bread and how to bake it. The plaits were a big hit even though challenging to make! Year 2 pupils have been learning skills involved in baking. They have baked Vanilla Cupcakes and Rock Cakes. The Reception children have been involved in making a variety of drinks. They have learned to make Fruit Punch, Chocolate Milkshake, Mango Magic, Smoothies and Lemonade as well as creating their own drink in the end of term Drinks Challenge.

This year both the Food Tech Clubs have continued to be extremely popular. The Year 3 & 4 club will be introducing some brand new recipes in September, so get your names down early for the Autumn Term Clubs.

Thank you to everyone involved in delivering such a fun and valuable subject. I look forward to seeing new faces in the FT room in September.

Mrs Nesbitt

Food Technology Co-ordinator

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