At Akeley Wood we strive to foster an outstanding partnership of innovative staff, supportive parents and talented students, and despite being a non-selective school, the success of our approach is borne out in our consistently exceptional GCSE and A-level results.

GCSE Results 2016

Our GCSE students’ results during 2016 showed strong performance in English, Maths and Sciences.

30% of students at Akeley Wood School achieved A*/A grades (national average is 20.5%), 63% of students achieved A*-B grades (national average is 41.9%) and 88% achieved A*-C grades (national average 66.9%). Overall, 78% of Students achieved 5 A*-C grades including English Literature or English Language and Maths.


Year Year Cohort A*/A A*-B A*-C
Average percentage across all GCSE subject areas 2016 98 30% 63% 88%
5 A* – C 2016 98 87%
5 A* – C inc Maths and English 2016 98 78%

A Level Results 2016


We are rightly proud of the A Level results achieved by our students in 2016.   These demonstrate high levels of achievement, and are especially impressive when considered against ALIS predictions*  (in brackets). These demonstrate time after time that here at Akeley Wood School we are able to maximise our student’s academic potential, providing them with the best possible springboard to an undergraduate degree or career.

Year Students A*-A A*-B
2016 41 15% (2%) 40% (39%)

*ALIS predictions are the grades students are likely to achieve in a typical school setting, based on their GCSE results and psycho-metric testing.

By any standard, our nurturing ethos and shared vision of academic and creative success is firing young imaginations and enabling our students to achieve great results to rival the most selective of schools.

Indeed, over the last five years, virtually all of our entries at GCSE and A-level have achieved at least a pass; this year, we are justifiably proud of our results, with an excellent 89% of GCSE entries and 81% of A-levels receiving grades A*-C.

Our approach to teaching centres around whole-child education, resulting in well-rounded individuals who are discovering their own unique potential. We teach a broad and balanced curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and engage every student through a range of academic, vocational and creative options tailored to their ability and interests. Without allowing any particular subject group to take precedence, we seek to understand and build on what makes your child special, helping them to acquire a wide range of personal and social skills and the freedom to flourish both academically, creatively and emotionally.

Classes are taught in small groups of no more than 20 at GCSE, and often in single figures at A Level, to maximise attention and interaction from our dynamic teaching staff, all of whom bring specialist knowledge and huge passion for their particular fields into the classroom. Their understanding of your child’s talents and investment in their success is such that along with parents, they play a key guiding role in helping students to choose the GCSE and A-level options that are right for them.