We believe that every child has talent, and our job is to unearth and nurture that talent at every stage of their education. Moreover, we are dedicated to fulfilling every child’s right to an interesting, challenging and motivating curriculum that not only supports their general education but stretches their natural ability. This commitment to individualised and innovative teaching, built on a culture of mutual trust and respect, leads to improved confidence and self-esteem. In turn, our well-rounded students can reap the benefits across all facets of their learning and personal development, harnessing the opportunity to excel and unlocking their remarkable potential.

While we are careful to avoid imposing labels onto our students, those demonstrating exceptional potential in a subject will be given opportunities to deepen their interest and broaden their skills. Teaching staff from Junior and Senior schools work in collaboration to drive this endeavour and carve out space for our young stars to shine.

To offer a few of many examples: Junior School children with a particular gift in English have joined writing sessions with a professional author at the Senior School; budding mathematicians from Years 7 and 8 have visited Bletchley Park  for special sessions on coding; meanwhile our most talented musicians regularly perform in assemblies, school occasions and community events.

At Senior level, teachers employ tests developed by the University of Durham to identify exceptional talent; fun and challenging additional learning resources are also available in every department’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to stretch the most able students. For Years 10-12, we offer aspirational experiences including visits to Oxford and Cambridge that encourage them to aim high, whatever their chosen path.

Inspiring greater self-assurance, confidence, and meaningful engagement in the outside world, the benefits of our creative and supportive approach to fostering talent and self-expression are profound.

Akeley Wood School