Alice’s Adventures #Tile House Mansion

Down a Rabbit Hole!

Year 7 will be studying Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in English this term, as preparation for their end of year examination. They will consider the key themes and characters of the novel and will analyse Lewis Carroll’s language choices, which will help them to form their own creative writing. As part of their studies, pupils will consider mathematical conundrums and riddles and will be able to develop their creativity through art and drama. They will also get the opportunity to enjoy a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the grounds of Tile House Mansion as an end of examination celebration! Today, 7LKJ read the first chapter on blankets under the trees so that they could empathise with Alice; coincidentally, they found the White Rabbit’s hole in the ground right where they were sitting!


Mrs K Exarheas

Deputy Head of Tile House Mansion

Teacher of English




Akeley Wood School