Art Department End of Spring Term News

Senior School Art Department

The Spring Term has flown by with the commencement of the GCSE and A level Art Examinations. The students began their examination portfolios at the start of term and are just coming to the close of the preparation period. This includes deciding upon a theme upon which to work, researching into artists’ styles and techniques, collecting source material and then producing a wide variety of drawings, paint work, ceramics, 3D sculpture, printing and any other mediums relevant to their theme. The students have been working very hard and are producing some amazing results! These can be seen at the SUMMER ART and DESIGN EXHIBITION at Akeley Wood House from June 26th It is a fabulous celebration of two years’ work, which has so far only been seen in parts or as drawn designs, never in its fully completed state. To see all the students’ work in one place is a sight to be seen! But before then, we have to complete the 2 day and 3 day examination days where students produce their Final Realisation which brings together all their previous ideas and designs. No peace for the wicked, just yet!


Mrs J Sexton

Arts Coordinator

Akeley Wood Senior School

Akeley Wood School