Art End of Term News

We have had as much fun as ever in the Art Room this term.

Year 6 printed cupcakes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud.
Issy S. explained: ‘I like to print in Art lessons because we can choose different colours for the print and then cut up our block and choose what colour to overlap it with.’
Nicole exclaimed: ‘It’s been the best Art year I’ve ever had at this school because it’s been so much fun!’

Architecture was the focus for Year 5 who learned about roman arches and Islamic temples.
Izzy B enthused: ‘I love Art: it is fun! I am very pleased with my painting of Islamic architecture. I mixed the glitter paint with the black silhouette. I am proud of my viaduct picture as I like to challenge myself.’
Hari added: ‘I learnt many different techniques and had many different options on how I could do each picture.  I found it easier as I could choose the technique that suited me.’

Year 4 made robots from recycled materials and have enjoyed explaining all the functions of their robot to one another.
Felipe informed me: ‘I like Art because you can imagine anything you want and do it.  My robot is called R-chi.’

Oliver talked about what Year 3 had done this term: ‘I liked learning about Henri Rousseau and the rainforest.  I liked doing the spiky pictures in the style of Dale Chihuly’s glass; I found it quite easy to do the blow painting.’
Lainey continued: ‘I really feel like I have learned different kinds of painting like how to make a wash.’

Finley mentioned a number of things that Year 2 had created: ‘I love Art. My best bit of Art is when we made the dragons. I love the design of mine, it’s fantastic. I loved my Mother’s Day card; it looked lovely…..and the most bit I liked was the snowman painting.’
Emma noted: ‘It feels like I am an artist’.
Art Clubs take place after school and Liam in Year 4 remarked: ‘Well, I just like everything about it! That’s why I am going to be an artist when I grow up.’

Creativity should be a joy and I hope you will all get creative over the Easter holidays. I couldn’t put it better than Tomas in Year 6: ‘I love the Art lessons and Art Club because we get something which we don’t get in any other lessons. We get freedom. What I love about Art Club is even bigger freedom and there is no limit to what we can or can’t do.’

Mrs Burn
Head of Art
Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery


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