Art at the Junior School Spring Term

Classes, Clubs, Competitions, Visits and Exhibitions – What a busy term!


Year 6 started the term with a visit to the Northampton Shoe Museum.  Children made detailed drawings which were developed into repeat prints which they all printed onto a new canvas for the Drama Den.

Year 5 looked at the work of Henri Rousseau and painted their own jungle pictures.  Year 3 and 4 have been preparing for their Arts Project Exhibition which took place this week.  Year 4 created work inspired by each day of The Creation written in the Book of Genesis.

Year 3 have learned about creation beliefs from around the world and made a piece of art work about each.  Their diverse pieces ranged from collage and painting to marbling and salt dough, including some large collaborative sculpture.  As well as creating beautiful cards, Year 2 have been practising their painting skills this term.

With Year 5 they enjoyed a visit from Mrs Gardiner who showed them some of her own work, including some painted onto unusual surfaces such as feathers.  They then found out how tricky it was by trying to paint on something different themselves; Year 2 painted beetles on eucalyptus bark and Year 5 painted fish onto oyster shells.

The Art Clubs have created pieces with more individual freedom of choice of materials, so Year 3/4 have been able to add to their portfolio for the Arts Project.

Many pupils throughout the school have entered the Royal Mails competition to design a stamp for next Christmas, but we shall have to be very patient as the winners are not announced until the middle of July.

Recently FAWS have arranged a competition of our own for Easter and I have received many beautiful entries that involved some painstaking work. How fabulous!

Mrs A Burn

Head of Art

Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery

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