Artist Chrissie Borland Comes to AWSS

On Friday 29th March, Chrissie Borland B.A. Hons Fine Art, delivered a workshop in a whirl of colour to our Akeley Wood Senior School students.  Chrissie introduced students to a variety of techniques, such as scumbling and scraping – all with the view to developing a textured abstract landscape. Students were enthusiastic and open to her encouragement, and produced some fine outcomes by break.  The shock came after break when Chrissie asked all students to cut up and tear up their work and reassemble it into a collage of a landscape.  This was quite risky for some, but they could see the creative process and were adventurous in their actions.  The workshop was a starting point for the Year 9 Art students and a development of ideas and skills for the Year 12 students.  Our thanks go to Chrissie for running such an inventive workshop and to Miss Manderston for supervising the students and getting involved herself. 

Meanwhile, Year 9 Textiles students were learning how to develop a digital pattern. Students started by understanding the principles of repeating patterns, by drawing and manually manipulating the work.  We then went to the Photography Studio to take photographs of Spring flowers under controlled lighting. Once each student had their shot, the magic of Photoshop began. Students were able to flip and rotate their images and design some fabulous pieces of work, of which they should be extremely proud of. 

Akeley Wood School