Maths – Senior School Autumn Term

It has been a busy term in the Mathematics department. We introduced the new Year 7s to Mathematics at Akeley Wood Senior School by using a ‘Rio Olympics’ themed topic using averages to calculate the ‘Perfect Decathlete’. Year 8 have been working hard on their algebra skills and it was a pleasure to see the creative ways they were being taught coordinates, including a ‘Battleships’ style game with Mr Cutler-Ames. Year 9 have started their GCSE content and have also been working on their number and algebra skills. Year 10 have been getting to grips with the new resources for the GCSE syllabus and using these to help improve their problem solving techniques.

Mrs Peers
Head of Maths


Year 7 – Spooktastic Maths

In Mathematics, our Year 7 students contributed towards the ‘Spooktastic Event’ at Tile House Mansion in November. The students worked on ‘spooky’ themed topics in their lessons. They used their knowledge on Ratio in Potion Brewing and then on Cartesian Coordinates to create fantastic drawings of spooky objects. The students put together an outstanding display of their work ready for the event.

Miss Patel


Year 11 – Further Mathematics

A small group of Year 11 students are using their Enriched Curriculum time to prepare for the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics.  The new GCSE specification has made it difficult for the top sets to complete both qualifications in their normal lessons so we have found a creative way to still offer it!  So far they have covered algebra topics including the factor and remainder theorem and solving identities by comparing coefficients.  They have also studied matrices for the first time – for transformations in the xy-plane and for solving equations.  Next term they will be differentiating and using the gradient function to find the equations of tangents and normal.

Mrs Stroud


Year 12 Maths Lecture

On the 6th of December, the Year 12 A-Level Mathematics pupils went to The Open University in Milton Keynes to see the part of the Mathematics and Statistics Christmas Lecture entitled “Yeah, but is it significant?” given by Jennifer Rogers; the Director of Statistical Consultancy Services at the University of Oxford.  Her lecture explored the concepts of statistical significance in medical research on Ebola treatments and risk preference when applied to bacon sandwich related cancer.  A particular highlight of the day was one of our pupils taking to the stage and donning a duck bill to help Dr Rogers highlight how people select safer options even if they have a lower expected value.  It was a fascinating lecture and a great opportunity for our Year 12 students to experience lecture style education.

Mr Cutler-Ames



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