Biologists at Work


As part of their OCR A-level Biology course Year 12 Biologists have been carrying out a fish dissection. Students are currently working on module 3: exchange and transport where they study the structure and function of gas exchange and transport systems in a range of animals. During the last few weeks they have learnt about the structure and function of the mammalian lungs and have also learnt about gas exchange in insects. The gas exchange process in fish is very different; oxygen needs to be removed from the water rather than from the air and fish have gills instead of lungs. Students have been learning about the structure of the fish and how it is adapted for efficient gas exchange. They finish this area of study by individually dissecting the fish to locate and identify these structures and consolidate their understanding of the gas exchange process.

Some great photographic evidence of their practical lesson, some pictures not for  the fainthearted!

Akeley Wood School