Breaking the Silence – Holocaust Survivor

Live Webcast _Holocaust Survivor

Our Year 9 GCSE Religious Studies students were delighted for the opportunity to join in a live webcast with 89 year old, Harry Spiro BEM, holocaust survivor. Talking to Robert Rinder, Harry spoke about his harrowing experiences as a young boy, in both the Polish ghettos and in two concentration camps.

Mr Spiro was finally liberated from the Theresienstadt Ghetto Concentration camp at the end of the war, where he was one of 700 child survivors to come to Britain to make a new life.

Students were extremely moved by his story, taking away the message that it is up to all of us to fight prejudice and hate when we encounter it, and to care for all our fellow human beings.

“It gave a good account from someone who had actually experienced it rather than just reading about it”

“It was interesting how it changed their view on faith”

“I couldn’t believe that he doesn’t hate people”

“Education at an inspiring level”


Akeley Wood School