Business Studies and Economics

End of Term News

The Business Studies and Economics department have been busy with end of Year exams this term, which is the culmination of a very productive year.  We have been enormously proud of the mature way in which Year 9 handled their first set of GCSE assessments. They have since been working in small groups to create and brand a new ‘ready meal’ akin to ‘The Apprentice’ and their work has been outstanding so far.

Year 10 have also completed their first set of Pre-Public Exams with their Year 10 ‘mocks’ and we were delighted with the results. They have subsequently continued with their GCSE course, learning about the economy and we have been very impressed with their contributions – there are certainly some future leaders amongst the group.

Year 11 completed their final GCSE papers at the end of May/early June having worked exceptionally hard. Year 12 having completed their end of year 12 exams (sitting 2 A/S papers) and have started their Year 13 course looking at international trade and globalisation.

Finally, Year 13 undertook their final A-Level papers and we were delighted that one paper featured Cadbury Mondelez – which we had visited earlier in the term, receiving an excellent tailored speech from the people at Cadbury for A-Level Business Studies! We wish all our students awaiting results of external exams in August the very best of luck.



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