Cognita Sixth Form Essay Competition  

To what extent do you agree?

Back in the Spring Term of 2017, Cognita launched an essay competition for Sixth Form students across its European schools. We are delighted to announce that Akeley Wood old boy (2017) Jude Whiley-Morton was selected as the winner of the overall competition, a fantastic achievement.

Jude presented a compelling argument on the utopia/dystopia binary.  It is a critical, topical and independent piece of writing. The analysis of the Trump administration through an Orwellian lens was highly persuasive. Compared to the other entries, there was a more thorough engagement with (academic) literature.  This essay argues with clarity and depth that subscribing the idea of utopia is only conceivable in a state of ignorance. After critically evaluating the Marxist communist utopia, the essay makes the point that narcissism, whether individual or institutionalized in patriarchal structures, is a decisive factor in why utopias are ultimately impossible to achieve. Jude then expands on the relevance of these critical impulses by proposing that the current US administration under Donald Trump pursues an “Orwellian corruption of language”, which he convincingly links to dystopian ideas of greatness.  A broad range of well-chosen literary including George Orwell and Margaret Atwood mark the broad literary horizon of this essay.

Mr Bown

Head of Sixth Form

Akeley Wood School


‘Dystopia is merely a Utopia from another perspective.’View/Download

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