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Summer Term News


We have completed our first 2 year linear A level course and we await the successful results in August.  The new course has allowed the students to be much more adventurous and experimental with their work as the first year is not dedicated to exam course work.  The students have mastered studio lighting and produced some high quality portraits, they have developed advanced skills in Photoshop with some very innovative results. They have experimented with mixed media in placing their images on textiles and kinetic sculptures.


The Art, Design and Textiles Exhibition gave us a great opportunity to showcase all the creative work we do in Photography, it was a delightful celebration of the students’ work.


I am looking forward to taking the current Year 12s on the next stage of their A level and welcoming the new 6th formers in September.

We continue to be open to anyone who is interested in Photography throughout the school and hope that they take advantage of this opportunity in the Enriched Curriculum.


Art End of Summer Term News

The Summer Term has flown by with the all-important Art Exams. The GCSE and A level cohort completed their portfolios before half term, and then they were marked and recently moderation exhibitions were held for the examination board to mark.  This led on to the BIG event of our year, the CREATIVE ARTS exhibition This was open from 21st – 24th June.  It was a fabulous and inspirational celebration of two years’ work, which was the only time that two years’ of work could be seen and enjoyed. To see all the students’ work in one place was a sight to be seen!

We have also had a visit from practising artist Anne-Marie Cadman, on the 29th June, who gave year 10 Art Students a presentation of her work and demonstrations and practical classes, involving print making and multi-media painting. Anne- Marie’s contributions to the pupils’ coursework was inspirational with some engaging and informative ideas for portfolios.

A group of year 5 pupils from AWJS paid the department a visit on June 5th, to experience a workshop which we provided for them. It was a grand, fun and messy afternoon which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The children produced famous figures using armatures of paper rolls, plaster and mod roc. Each figure assumed its own pose and details such as skis, rocket back-packs and ballet skirts were added. Great Fun!  I look forward to welcoming them again soon.


Textiles at the Senior School

Textiles at the Senior School After a busy term at school we managed to finish our practical textiles projects just in time! In Year 7 we combined our talents and along with some help from some kind year 8 girls we produced a wonderful collaborative piece of bunting for the Alice in Wonderland day. It looked absolutely fantastic and also was displayed at the Creative Arts and DT exhibition, a superb effort for all those involved!


In Year 8 pupils worked on a design-based activity exploring ideas for leather accessories.  After initially exploring our clients’ needs pupils tested and experimented several features of the products before making their final piece.  Some great efforts from 8KS and 8FH with some excellent problem-solving, confident machine skills and all round fabulous input, I have been so impressed!


Miss Manderston

Head of Textiles

Akeley Wood Senior School


Ms Wykes

Head of Photography

Akeley Wood Senior School


Mrs J Sexton

Head of Art

Akeley Wood Senior School


Mrs Dee-Andrew

Head of Creative Arts

Akeley Wood Senior School



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