Creative Processes Lectures – Warwick University

On Friday 18th November some of the sixth form A level Art and Photography  students visited Warwick University to attend the Creative Processes series of lectures,  as part of Art in Action. These were given by such eminent artists as  Clare Woods ( Fine Arts), Rebecca Wright( Graphic Artist), Simon Roberts (Photographer) and Martin Creed (2010 Turner Prize Winner). They described , in detail, their careers from, leaving school with A levels, through to University Foundation courses and then on to Art Schools, such as St. Martins and the Slade. They talked about their inspirations and their work, and how their careers took off and progressed. Together they gave us plenty of food for thought, both in the ways they described their work and careers, but also in terms of their personalities, some of whom were quite extrovert in the extreme! 

It was a successful visit, all of us gaining something to take away to cogitate and digest.Mrs Sexton 

Art Teacher

Akeley Wood Senior School

Akeley Wood School