Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – The Chilterns

Bronze DofE

On the 15th of September 2018 our Bronze DofE practice expedition was held.  We were dropped off by the coach with the teachers to meet the instructors who would help us plan our route.  After about an hour of prep, our group (5) set off.  The weather was good which kept us going, it was hard work especially as most of us hadn’t carried weight like that before let alone on a 8/9km walk.  We set up camp at Pacaar Scout camp, where we cooked our food and stayed in tents for the night.  We set off around 8.30am the next morning for a walk of around the same distance, back to the station (Chorleywood) The weather again was good and while we were tired the walk was relatively short.  We were glad it was over but we are already looking forward to the assessed expedition in July.

Ben  – Year 10

Akeley Wood School