End Of Term-Drama- Junior School

 The Early Years

This term the Butterfly children were shrunk by a magical machine in Mrs Lovely’s garden.  We have used our Drama lessons to learn about mini beasts and plant growth as well as explore mathematical language linked to size and direction.  The children retold the story of her amazing garden and drew some ‘lovely’ pictures!

The Reception classes have used their imagination to great effect.  They met characters from the fairytale, The Frog Prince and worked together to help solve problems in The Magic Toyshop.  They were introduced to the Drama Den’s Story Stick and used it to retell their favourite moments from a number of popular tales.

 Key Stage 1

This year, Year 1 have entered the world of Roald Dahl in Drama. Where they have explored Charlie’s thoughts and feelings when he wins the Golden Ticket and have met George’s mean Grandma and got to make their own medicines.

This year, Year 2 has been learning about a character called Mr Once Upon a Time.  The children have explored how first impressions are not always accurate and have discussed how many people deserve a second chance.  In the summer they met The Selfish Giant and created their own fantasy playgrounds.

 Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4 have worked closely together this year, combining their skills and talents to create Sho and The Demons of the Deep. The children created performance poems using sound collage and collective voice to choreograph some powerful pieces.  Alongside this story the children have been developing their improvisational skills and learning about how to read and mirror body language using mime.

Year 5 have had a fantastic term.The highlight being their performance of the Roald Dahl Musical, Jack and the Beanstalk.  In lessons, they have experimented with mime and street theatre techniques, marrying music and movement to create some entertaining group pieces.

Year 6 worked incredibly hard on their production of ‘Shakespeare Rocks’. They looked at comedic timing, projection, diction and stage presence. Throughout all the rehearsals and the performances they all were enthusiastic and performed brilliantly. The children ran the whole production (lights, sound, props) and produced a seamless show. Well done, Year 6!

Mrs Nicola Masters – Drama Teacher

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