End Of Term- Girls Sport- Junior School

Year 3

This year saw Year 3 being introduced into the full game of rounders. We have focused on instilling the basics of striking and fielding as well as introducing all the rules. The girls have had several skills afternoons and matches against other schools. They have played matches against The Grove, Winchester House and Swanbourne. I have been impressed that all the girls in Year 3 have represented the school this summer term and I look forward to developing this year group in September.

Year 4

This year saw Year 4 play against The Grove, Winchester House, Chandlings, Swanbourne and MK Prep. The girls started to really get to grips of the rules and tactics and using them in game situations. We have focused on the importance of moving the ball quickly from backstop to second base and throwing and catching over longer distances. All Year 4 girls have developed their understanding of each position and their role within the team. Overall a good year with some good results, great work!

Year 5

This year saw the Year 5’s focus on both striking and fielding elements within rounders. We have started to work on positioning and moving the ball quickly as a team when fielding. We have focused on improving throwing and catching over different distances as well as accuracy. Year 5 has not had many rounders games this term due to the wet weather but they have had matches against Chandlings and Bedford Modern. They also entered a rounders festival at NHS where they finished 5th. Well done girls!

Year 6

This year saw the Year 6’s developing their ability to read and analyse game situations. This has resulted in some excellent results at tournaments and matches this summer term. The girls have played against NHS, BM Prep, Chandlings, MK Prep and also two tournaments. The A team have not lost one match this term and I am particularly impressed with the girls who won a tournament at Thornton with only 7 players, a fantastic achievement. All the girls in Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this term and I will be sad to see them go but I wish them all luck at their new schools in September.

Finally I would like to thank all the parents for all their support over the past year. It really has been appreciated by myself and Miss Kanadros having so much support on the side lines during our first year at Akeley. I hope you all have a lovely summer and bring on the hockey season!

Miss Chapman

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