End Of Term- ICT-Junior School

Summer term Summary


Reception has had a very busy term. We have used iPads to take pictures and create our own games. We have given instructions to robots and improved our keyboards skills by using the big computers in the ICT suite.

Year 1

The summer term has been a mix of different computing skills and projects. Year 1 looked at passwords and why we need them. They used this new knowledge to log on to the computers. They created animations using Pivot Stick figure software to create their own exciting animations. They created talking stories for the Queen’s birthday. Finally we gathered data and created charts and pictograms.

Year 2

Year 2 started the Summer term looking at how much time we spend online, what is safe and where we can go for help if we need it. They created more complex animations, telling stories, and  recording sound and applying it to images to produce talking books. They have been improving keyboard and mouse skills by looking at how to improve our writing using fonts and colour.

Year 3

In Year 3 we continued looking at e-safety, especially our personal information. We investigated how technology is used in our lives and examined our school network and where information goes. We used the green screens to create a movie link to our topic of Akeley Wood School History. These were fantastic as the students used old photos of the school to travel back in time.

Year 4

Being respectful on line is key to e-safety and Year 4 started the summer term looking at that. We then used Kodu to create a game linked to maths! Year 4 then used film and green screens to create an advert to sell that game. Finally they collected data and created graphs and charts to explain their findings.

Year 5

E-safety in Year 5 looked at protecting personal information, reporting concerns and looking after friends on line. We used Scratch to create our own version of the ‘Crossy Road’ game, then tested and reviewed each other’s games. Year 5 examined how good search engine are and should you trust everything you see online. Finally we created a presentation based on a favourite person hobby or sport and presented this in class.

Year 6

Year 6 looked at age appropriate and reliable websites. We also spent some time looking at cyber bullying. Year 6 looked at hyperlinks in presentations and used then in creating impossible games! Finally they created a ‘Dream House’ using Google Sketchup.

Mr Rice

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