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Music at the Senior School End of Term News

Christopher Powell

It has been a very busy and productive term for the music department.

At Key Stage 3 our year 7 students have been studying the ukulele, with students learning to play pieces of pop music on the ukulele whilst singing. Jessie J’s “Price Tag” was a favourite of the students. Year 8 students have been learning about Musicals. The students have been focusing on the function that music plays in as musical, and have created dramatic compositions in the style of “Phantom of the Opera”. Year 9 students have completed a unit of work on Popular Music. In this unit of the works, the students take responsibility for the creation of their own musical performance of a song of their choice.


Key Stage 4 has seen our year 10 students doing lots of ensemble performing whilst also continuing with their composing and listening work. We have created a GCSE Band and they have created class performances of “Acceptable in the 80’s” and “Dancing in the Moonlight”. We have said farewell to our year 11 music students and hope they get the GCSE results they deserve in August.


Our key stage 5 students have had a very important term as they have sat their end of year examinations. We wish them the best of luck with their results in August.


The extra-curricular life of the music department as always, has also been extremely busy. Our 14 clubs and ensembles have been rehearsing every week building on key skills and expanding their musical repertoire. Our first musical event this term was our Akeley Musician of the year at the Radcliffe centre in Buckingham. I am pleased to announce that Isobel Byron in year 11 was our Musician of the Year, and Miranda Balch in year 8 was our Young Musician of the Year. We held an African Music Day for our musicians were students experienced African Drumming and African Singing workshops. This culminated in a performance at the end of the day, showcasing what the students had completed in the workshops. We were also lucky enough to have a performance from the Destiny Africa Choir from Uganda.



A big thank you to all of the staff, students and parents for their continued support the music at Akeley.



Mr. Christopher Powell

Director of Music

Akeley Wood Senior School







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