End of Term Nursery News

We have had a very busy summer term in the nursery; the children have enjoyed lots of different activities and created some lovely work. Please see below some of the things the children have been doing throughout the term.


During April the Butterflies and Ladybird 2 children looked at gardening and they planted some potatoes in the nursery garden. The Butterfly children have enjoyed watching the potato plants grow and the potatoes should be ready in July.  They also had some Caterpillars and observed their life cycle. We were all very interested in watching them grow and they were even named after some members of staff!

The Ladybird 1 children learnt about different Food during this month and enjoyed lots of messy activities including coloured spaghetti play, rice and jelly & cream.

The Caterpillars had a child led month in which the children could choose things they were particularly interested in, this included dressing up and creating a jungle themed role play area.  The children also enjoyed experiencing different messy play including shaving foam; cloud dough and jelly play with bugs in it.



The Caterpillars and Ladybirds 1 topic this month was animals they looked at different types of animals including farm animals, zoo animals and pets. The children created a lovely display of the animals they had made in the Caterpillar room.  In the Ladybird 1 room the children played with lots of different animals and added straw, lentils and porridge oats for the children to explore.

The Butterflies had a child led month and enjoyed playing in the café role play, having a go at writing a menu and acting out different scenarios. They also did lots of different maths activities looking at counting, measuring and weighing.

The Ladybird 2 room looked at the 5 senses and planned lots of tactile activities. These included, tasting different fruits at snack time, messy sensory activities, using the smelly treasure basket, using the light table to see different things light up and a musical instrument activity hearing different sounds.


The Butterflies stared to look at summer and under the sea this month. They made a beach role play area and enjoyed lots of sand and water play using the sea animals and shells.

The Butterflies and Caterpillars also put in a lot of practice for Sports Day. They all took part in different races; running, team relay and a wheel barrow race. Great fun was had by everyone. Thank you to Miss Chapman for teaching them this year, they have loved every lesson!

The Caterpillars grew some runner beans this month which they have planted in the growing boxes. They looked at the life cycle of plants and learnt about what plans need to grow.

The Ladybird 1 room explored the 5 senses this month and the Ladybird 2 room looked at different colours.   They enjoyed playing with different coloured toys and painting using different coloured paint.

The Butterflies had their end of term party it was great fun, the theme was animals they all dressed up and played lots of party games.



This month all the rooms are looking and talking about summer, special holidays and the seaside.

We also said goodbye to some of our Butterflies who will be finishing for summer as they will be starting their new schools in September. We wish them lots of luck and we hope you all have a lovely summer break.

As you all know our refurbishment starts the week commencing the 11th July. We are all very excited to see the work start on the Ladybird Rooms, Busy Bee room and the Infant hall and look forward to seeing the end result in September.

As the letter sent out stated we will be using different rooms over the summer holidays.

Ladybirds 1 and 2 children in the existing Caterpillar room (Drop off using the nursery back door).

Caterpillars in the existing Butterfly room. (Drop off using the nursery back door)

Butterflies will be using the Year 1 class room. (Drop off at the dining room and pick up from caterpillars or the nursery outside area).

A reminder for the Butterfly children from the week commencing 11th July the children can come in non uniform.

Autumn starts on Tuesday 6th September.

Staffing and Goodbyes

 In May, sadly we said goodbye to Debbie as she begun her retirement.  Debbie worked at Akeley Wood Junior School for over 20 years as a Nursery Teacher and when she reduced her hours we were fortunate enough to keep her as our much loved lunchtime assistant. This month we organised a tea party for Debbie, she came into visit and the children made cards for her. Debbie has promised us that she will visit and stay in touch. She will be greatly missed by staff and children across the school


On the 22nd July, Georgina Potter will be leaving us to follow a career in social work. Georgina started working at Akeley Wood Nursery in September 2012 in the Ladybirds 1 room. She looked after many of our current Butterflies who started in the Ladybirds 1 room as babies. Georgina then moved to the Ladybird 2 room and also the Caterpillars room where she has been working since 2014.  Whilst working at Akeley, Georgina has been an enthusiastic, caring member of the team who the children, parents and staff have loved working with.

Sarah Horwood will be leaving on the 12th August as she is relocating with her family to Skegness. Sarah started at Akeley in September 2013 in the Caterpillar room.  She settled in very quickly with her caring nature.  Sarah moved to work in the Ladybirds 2 room in September 2015 and has formed great relationships with both the children and parents of her Key children.  We wish Sarah lots of luck for her move and her future and would like to thank her for all her hard work whist working at Akeley Wood Nursery.

Chloe Haylett will be starting a new role as a Pre-School Nursery Nurse, term time at a new school in Milton Keynes .  Chloe started at Akeley in 2010 as nursery bank staff, she then went on to start her Apprenticeship in September 2011. Chloe has worked in both Ladybird rooms and the Caterpillar room. Chloe became the Room Manager in Ladybirds 1 room in 2014 and then became intermim Deputy Manager whilst Hannah was on maternity leave. Chloe has implemented many new initiatives to further enhance the standard of care and learning in Ladybirds.  We have seen first-hand the dedication and time she has put in to becoming a quality early years practitioner and the kind and caring way in which she engages and teaches the children is a pleasure to observe.

As many of you know Nic Boddy will be leaving to start her maternity leave on the 2nd September.  I know she is looking forward to looking after her own baby but will miss the children, parents and staff.  Nic has been a fantastic Nursery Manager and after developing the nursery and working so closely together, it’s going to be very strange not having her around.  However, Nic has promised us she will be back and will definitely stay in touch!

Whilst Nic is on maternity leave Hannah Winnett will be covering as Nursery Manager, Hannah has worked at Akeley Wood Nursery since November 2009 and started her position as Deputy Manager in 2012. Hannah has her level 4 in childcare and has gained lots of experience over the years as well as going on many training courses. In September Hannah will be based in the Butterflies room as the Room Manager. Hannah will also be the Nursery’s DSL-Designated Safeguarding Lead from August 2016.

I am sure you will all join us with congratulating Hannah on her new role.

We will be appointing a Deputy Manager to work alongside Hannah and also some Level 3 practitioners and an Apprentice over the summer holidays.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of the management team.

Nicola Boddy – Nursery Manager

Nicola Masters – Head of Early Years & KS1



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