End Of Term- Year 3- Junior School

Year 3 have enjoyed yet another action packed term.  Some of the highlights being Sports Day and of course the overnight trip to Caldecotte.

In History and Geography the children have been learning about The History of our School and what it would be like to live in Kenya.They produced some very creative new House badges and researched an African animal which they presented brilliantly to the rest of their classmates.

The pupils loved joining KS2 for the first time for Sports Day and have had the opportunity to attend Athletic Meetings, Swimming Galas, Cricket and Rounders Matches. These have all been very successful in developing not only their physical skills but their sportsmanship, team building and social skills too. Throughout the term the children have been working hard in Mathematics and Literacy lessons and have thoroughly enjoyed the Science experiments they have carried out such as testing the strength of magnets and seeing if they could escape their shadow when looking at light and dark.We ended this term on a fantastic high with a wonderful school fete.3P and 3I challenged the other children to a very tricky penalty shootout trying to get the ball through small hoops while 3F sold some lovely cakes. Many of the children helped run the stalls and carried out jobs from sorting change, to preparing prizes and making posters.

I would like to say a personal thank you on behalf of Miss Illingworth, Mrs Fox and I for all of your support in helping the children complete homework tasks to a high standard and read on a regular basis at home throughout the year.  We wish the children every success in Year 4, they have been a pleasure to teach and we will miss them very much.

Mr Peedell

Head Of Year 3

Akeley Wood School