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Summer Term News

What an incredible year this has been for our students studying British and American politics! We have been mesmerised by the shifts and changes on the political landscape from Trump and Brexit to Corbyn and May. Our Politics Sixth Form Ambassadors have worked tremendously hard to support assemblies and mock elections. The growing educated political awareness among our students is marvellous to observe.

In History we have been very busy supporting our students through the specification changes at GCSE level. Our extra activities have been well-received by them and we’ve done our best to support them with ice-cream and cookies when the need as arisen. In Year 10 we launched a ‘pizza and pop’ party for the students who over-reached their target grade in the summer exams. We have been updating our classroom displays and, at Akeley Wood House, our WW1 commemoration corridor now includes Akeley’s first gender neutral toilet which is also twinned with a latrine in Afghanistan.

Toilet Twinning

Bawili is a widow who lost everything due to civil war. Lack of proper water and a decent toilet caused her family great pain. But when the community came together to …


Looking back over this academic year we have had an incredible amount of enthusiasm and hard work from our students. Our Exceptional Potential students have shone well and supported their peers. Parents have supported the homework schedule and some have even gone too far as to take part in their child’s video based homework. Many thanks indeed for so much parental support. We wish our students all the very best for their national qualification examination results. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to Mr Jackson and Dr O’Gorman for all their dedication to the Department. We wish them both a very happy wedding day (not to each other!) in the summer break. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer break and look forward to a refreshed return in September

Miss Jones

Head of History & Politics

Exceptional Potential Coordinator

Akeley Wood Senior School


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