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End of Term Drama News-Junior School

Butterflies and Reception

The Foundation Stage Drama lessons have been fuelled by the children’s wonderful imagination.  In Pre-School the children have learnt about using their ‘Drama Eyes’ to pretend objects are there and explore imaginary places such as Mr Misery’s House.  In Reception, we have used the familiar story of Elmer to explore similarities and differences and had great fun learning the Christmas Story through our nativity, Born in a Barn.


Year 1 have looked at the Gruffalo and the animals in the forest to make story maps and create short improvisations on conversations between the creatures that were not written in the original story! Year 2 have shown such great enthusiasm for their drama topic, The Great Fire of London.  They have reenacted street scenes and learnt about how the fire was started and stopped.


Year 3 have been exploring the story of the Forest Child through story circles, mime work and thought tracking.  In Year 4 the children have gone back in time to Victorian Britain and learnt about what life was like for children from rich and poor families.  Year 5 have learnt about traditional folk tales through the story of The Seawoman.  They have had some in depth discussions on right and wrong, and retold the story with different endings and outcomes.   Year 6  studied the poem ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll. They created their own nonsense words and devised a performance for their poems. In the second part of the term they worked towards the Carol Concert performance of a Christmas poem.

Well done to all our children for their superb Christmas Performances.  In Spring Term, the Year 3 & 4 children will be embarking on a new Arts Project linked to the topic of ‘Growth’….more details to follow after Christmas!

Mrs Masters
Head Of Early Years & Key Stage 1
Akeley Wood Junior School

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