End of Term Food Technology News

This week concludes a rather busy term in the Food Tech room, with many wonderful aromas wafting along the corridor from baked goods such as chocolate brownies to garlic scented potato dauphinoise. 6C have been baking this term and their last lesson was a cupcake competition. Year 5 have been making starters, main courses and desserts and they were meant to make a zingy lemon posset this week. Year 4 made a tasty tuna pasta salad and Year 3 have made savoury rice. Year 1 & 2 have completed their lessons on healthy eating where they have been taking out unhealthy items in a lunchbox because they contain a high amount of sugar, fat or salt and have replaced them with healthier options. The seeded straws were the favourites. In Reception’s last lesson they got very festive and decorated star cakes.

Mrs Nesbitt
Food Technology Coordinator
Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery

Akeley Wood School