End of Term Upper KS2 News

Year 5: The move to Tudor House is a big change and we have been impressed by the children’s organisation and behaviour.

“Being at Tudor House is a privilege and also has an amazing view of the school and playground.” Thomas B 5K 

“It was fun being able to vote on the new house captains.” Georgia 5P 

“I like walking from building to building.” Owen 5HM 

In Science, this half term, the children learnt about Earth and Space; the highlight being 5P’s assembly.

“Big Bang day was SO fun; I can’t wait to do it again!” Charlie T 5K 

“I liked learning about Neptune.  The atmosphere of Neptune is made up of a tiny bit of methane, hydrogen and helium.’ Sam 5HM 

“I really enjoyed learning about Space.” Ava 5HM 

“My favourite topic was space because we wrote a letter under our desks so we would understand gravity. We also went onto the field and created a smaller version of the Solar System!” Connie 5K 

During the trip to Buckingham, children asked members of the public questions; completed a traffic and pedestrian count and a shop survey.  The children then collated this data and presented their findings in a range of graphs.  5HM and 5K wrote a letter to John Bercow who wrote back to say that he agreed with our findings and was appreciative of our letters.

“I really enjoyed going up to the public and asking them the questionnaire on Buckingham, they were very polite.” Izzy 5P 

“The Buckingham trip was awesome. I was really brave to ask a member of public to do my questionnaire.” Jacob 5K 

5P enjoyed performing their assembly on the topic of Space despite a guest visitor almost messing everything up.

“We loved performing to the parents and we did a good job speaking loudly with expression.” Hugo 5P 

“We had fun making the children and parents laugh especially when the children got grapes for a right answer.” Jack 5P 

The children practised and practised their lines for both their performance poetry and songs; and all that hard work paid off because the Carol Concert was outstanding.  We also enjoyed the fabulous German Christmas Market.

“The Christmas fayre was great and I felt excited. The fayre had lots of fun things to do like the tractor ride, there were also lots of fun stalls with amazing toys.” Anna 5K 

Despite freezing conditions, Year 5 braved the cold and took part in a range of Rugby and Hockey matches and festivals.  No matter what the result, the children did the school proud with their excellent sportsmanship.

“It’s really fun tackling in Rugby.” Sam and Stellan 5HM 

“I like it in Hockey when we doing tackling.” Isabel 5HM 

“My favourite fixture this term was the Festival at Cokethorpe as we won quite a few matches and match tea was a massive feast.” Poppy 5P 

A very Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for your continued support.


The Year Five Team



Year 6: This term was amazing, but the things I really liked were: Going to the theatre to see the Jungle Book and the Disco. The Disco was lots of fun!! Greta Di Lullo 6C

My favourite thing I did this term was going to the National qualifiers in Brackley at Winchester House. We played three rugby games and won two games out of our three. We played very well that day and got through to the finals in March. The parents were extremely supportive at the Nationals. The team that played for Year 6 consisted of Temi, David, Samuel, Josh, Ollie, Alfie N, Altay, Joseph, Harrison, Oscar and me. Giovanni Way 6C

My best experience this year was being a House Captain and getting to work with all the younger pupils in the school and just the joy of helping people; it was a great experience. I also got meet new people, I loved it and will always treasure it. Amelia Mead 6C

My favourite memory is when we went to the theatre trip to see The Jungle Book because it was fun for me because I watched it at home and it was fun comparing the differences of the movie and the theatre one and I liked the songs and acting. Ethan Hancock 6C

My favourite thing this term is going to Tile House Mansion because I liked everything there. My favourite bit there was building the tents, I didn’t like taking them down. I saw my brother there and talked to him at breaktime. I really like the food there. Spencer Stanway 6C

This term has been a great term. I achieved Playleader, which is fantastic as I love spending time with the younger ones. Going to Tile House Mansion was great, it is amazing seeing the bigger sites. The theatre trip was really good as well; the Jungle Book is a 10/10 show. As well as all of the hockey matches are always amazing and I am very happy that I now have the Sporting Endeavour trophy! Ruby Letts 6C

My favourite thing this term was Art class. I enjoyed Art class because I never had an Art teacher before so it was very fun and exciting to have one and learn more about Art and the different ways of art. Cuba Obita 6C

I have enjoyed matches, because I like hockey!  I enjoyed the Carol Concert and Mrs Burgess teaching being a great teacher. I really enjoyed going to Tile House Mansion to see people that I know – Hannah, Lily, Poppy and Anna. We made a den in Forest School/Outdoor Learning. I really enjoyed seeing my brother and his friends. My favourite part was English because we got to design our own sweet! Hannah Sayers 6K

My favourite thing this term was the Christmas hockey festival because I love playing hockey and we won all our matches except one. We got hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and a doughnut. My mum Caz came and helped out. Katie Atherall 6C

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