End Of Term- Year 4

The Summer term has proved to be another very busy time in Year 4!

In Food Technology the pupils thought of excellent ideas when designing their own Naan bread and tasting it.  Some unique ingredients were included!  As teachers, we were pleased to see the number of children attending a variety of different Clubs increase this term – we are delighted that so many took up the opportunity to further their Sport, Music or Artistic skills.

This term we enjoyed ‘India Day’. Action Aid gave us a memorable day making story bracelets, tasting real Adivasi tea (from the region we were studying in Geography lessons), dressing up in Indian clothing and looking at various artefacts related to the topic.  The children had an amazing day and thoroughly recommended we do the same next year.

For all of us, our special memory of Year 4 will be our trip to the Frontier Centre.  The weather was certainly on our side as everyone joined in enthusiastically climbing ropes, working as a team during Mission Impossible, swinging on trapezes, toasting marshmallows and singing silly songs around the campfire.

During our last week of Year 4 we had fun running our individual class stalls at the Summer Fete, enjoying our final party together and taking part in numerous celebration activities.

The children have worked very hard and risen to the challenge of many new experiences.

We wish you a lovely restful Summer!

Mrs Engledow, Mrs Hanham, Mrs Metcalfe

Akeley Wood School