Advanced Certificate in Spoken English

Last half of term, 15 Sixth Form students were examined on their communication and presentation skills, in the English Speaking Board’s Advanced Certificate in Spoken English, grade 8 exam. This top qualification tests the students’ skills in four key areas: debate, discussion, presentation and reading/recital skills and is a gruelling 3 hours long. The following students took the exam:


David Forrest

Flynn Robinson

Ronni Murray

Bella Festa

Matthew Cannon

James Buddrige

Ruth Norman

Joshua Ponte

Zoe Wylde

Jemima Wilch

Amitesh Nagarkar

Nathan Stroud

Makala Hall

Jake Boydell

Ethan Chance

The examiners were treated to presentations on everything from Cryogenic freezing to Electoral reform, and from Hockey to Abortion; and students analysed and performed literary recommendations from William’s I Just Sued the School System to Frost’s The Road Not Taken. Debate and discussion topics were also really varied and of excellent depth, revolving around subjects as diverse as football hooliganism, the petition to pardon Snowdon, banning the Indian rupee note and transgender issues for school students.

The school was delighted that all students not only passed, but secured excellent grades: Distinction: 8, Merit Plus: 4, Merit: 2 and Pass Plus: 1: an excellent result for all concerned!

Mrs  Stone

Teacher of English and Professional Tutor

Project Volunteer Sri Lanka Co-ordinator

Akeley Wood School





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