First Aid Assembly for Year 7 and Year 8

Thursday 20th April

Interesting, educational and a good experience for all. On Thursday 20th April, Year 7 and 8 gathered in the THM dome for an assembly on first aid. Mr. Handby led the assembly, as he used to be a RNLI lifeguard therefore he was very well educated in saving people’s lives. We learnt many, many fascinating life stories and scenarios to teach us what to do. Walking away from the assembly made lots of people feel well prepared for their future and the dangerous possibilities. We had a few live demonstrations, including James Annesley and Thomas Cramb re-enacting someone choking. This was done by using a strap on model that realistically showed what it was like to choke. Akeley Wood’s THM students are fully prepared to take on choking scenarios from now on! We thank Mr. Handby for giving us such an informative assembly.
Katie Bishop, 8IB

Akeley Wood School