Food Technology End of Term News

In the last couple of weeks children have been finishing their Spring topics and have completed a written assessment on health and safety points and facts about ingredients. Year 1 & 2 have completed making healthier options for a lunchbox and completed a sheet about making the right decisions when it comes to food and how to look at products’ colour coding system for sugar, fat and salt. Year 3 have looked at different ingredients and enjoyed making leek and potato soup. Year 4 have liked making breakfasts and can now treat you at home! Year 5 have been making starters, main courses and desserts and have especially enjoyed making the chilli con carne. Year 6 have been continuing their work on baking and 6K have been involved with two cupcake competitions. FT Club have been making Winter Warmers and have made a variety of tasty pastries in the last session.

I am leaving to go on maternity leave and want to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who teach FT and to the kitchen staff who place the orders for me every week. I have enjoyed coordinating this subject since it was introduced in 2009, and until I return, I wish it continues to inspire and give children the enthusiasm for this very valuable life skill.

Mrs Nesbitt
Food Technology Co-ordinator
Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery

Akeley Wood School