GCSE Geography Field Trip - Snowdonia National Park

The first visit port of call on this 3 day excursion to Snowdonia was Ail Wynt, a wind farm situated just outside of Snowdonia National park.  Students considered the pros and cons of the scheme as well as the key stakeholders involved.  Lovely sunny afternoon, the wind turbines make you feel small and are quite mesmerising.

Saturday Evening was spent orienteering, developing their talents in map reading, along with teamwork skills.  Lots of friendly competition running around searching for clues and answers.

On Sunday students conducted an investigation into stream processes and the impact on the landscape of a local river basin, Afon Nant Peris.

Students measured changing channel characteristics, observed a number of erosional and depositional landforms such as interlocking spurs, v-shaped valleys, meanders and knick points.  Donning wellies and waterproofs all set off to investigate the rivers. The weather was kind with only a few brief showers.

During the evening graphical techniques and GIS were used to display data during follow up sessions where students had the opportunity to draw conclusions from their results and evaluate their investigation.

On the last day Students visited Betws y coed, just a short walk from the centre.  Fieldwork allowed students to explore the changing population and economy through primary data collection techniques such as land use mapping and interviews.   Groups worked well collecting data and most passing tourists to the area were more than happy to answer their questions.

Our thanks to the team of staff for giving up their weekend to help on this invaluable trip for the GCSE Geographers. Mr T Webster, Miss N Harknett, Miss N Wilson, Mr A Brown. All students demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout the weekend.

Akeley Wood School