Junior School Food Technology

Spring Term

The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed another term in the Food Tech room.

The highlight for me has been the introduction of a Food Tech Club for the Year 2 pupils. They have all been an absolute delight to teach, becoming enthusiastic and conscientious cooks. The pupils have followed the recipes well, created lots of tasty dishes and have been extremely good at washing and tidying up, in fact even better than Year 6!  We live in a world where there are many allergies, intolerances and diseases linked to food. Many people have to follow special diets and therefore I decided all the baking would be gluten free. Recipes have included confetti cakes, sausage pastries and chocolate truffle cookies. I would like to thank Laura from Year 6 for coming every week and assisting me with this club.


Delicious smells of pancakes, bacon and croissants have been travelling along the corridor whenever Year 4 pupils have been cooking. Their theme has been breakfasts and they will now be able to bring you a variety of breakfasts in bed! The Year 1 children and Year 6 children have been creating dishes from different countries. The Year 6 pupils made fantastic mini Yorkshire puddings with gravy. They tasted delicious, not many of them made it back home!  So if you need any help with the Sunday roast you know who to ask! They have also cooked using a variety of herbs and spices. Some of the boys needed reminding about measurements as they were a bit heavy handed and made their curry a bit too hot!


Year 2 have been learning about the importance of a healthy diet and have designed and made their own healthy sandwich. The highlights for the year 3 children have been making burgers and scones. They have also been learning about the origins of ingredients and the different uses of chopping boards.  Reception children have been cooking in groups on a weekly basis and have been making dishes such as castle cakes cooked in a cup and Easter nests. Year 5 pupils have made a variety of starters, main courses and desserts. They thoroughly enjoyed working with filo pastry to make vegetable spring rolls. The rolling this year was extremely neat, as was the fine slicing and dicing of vegetables. Have a great Easter and I look forward to seeing you all in the Summer Term with your containers!

Mrs T Nesbitt

Food Technology Co-ordinator

Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery


Akeley Wood School