The importance placed on art is evident all over the school and we are proud of the beautiful work on display in our classroom and corridors. Complementing our department of specialist art teachers, we invite experts from the local art world to visit our excellent facilities and inspire our budding artists in their search for self-expression.

Art is timetabled for one hour a week at the Junior School, and from the earliest age, students are given every opportunity in the art room to experiment, explore their creativity and communicate their ideas through painting, drawing, printing and photography.

Our aim is to ensure all children enjoy honing their artistic technique, but crucially also that they revel in the freedom to think, engage both academically and emotionally, and express themselves in more abstract ways. The benefits of this can be felt right across the curriculum, and well beyond it.

Indeed, we believe that through art, young people can increase their empathic sense and their perspective of their place in the world, as they unlock a deeper understanding different cultures and periods. The space to play creatively sparks the development of confidence and builds transferable skills that are invaluable in helping to form a well-rounded individual.

Akeley Wood School