Languages week


The final point of our Languages week were  the Assemblies held at each site with full staff  and student participation.  After watching a brief power point outlining the importance of learning a Foreign Language and advice on which websites are best  to use, Students read poems in their native tongues. 

I wish to extend my gratitude to the following who stood up in front of their peers to read in their home language:

Christian Normann – German

Phoebe Schultz – German

Miad – Persian

Lucca Aburad – Portuguese

Hamdon Iftikher – Pakastani

Zhibing Yan – Chinese

Yang Hui Pak – North Korean


from MFL department studying French and Spanish: Bob Cameron, Emily Grice, Josh Usturan Anderegg, Jamie Choulerton and Sam Franklin


Numerous competitions were held over the week and students have until Friday 14 October to complete the Booklet, film reviews.


Mr Brash was nominated overall staff non-linguist winner for using the most non-English in his lessons and interactions.


Merci beaucoup Muchas graicas, Vielen Danken – to all who took part and good luck in completing the various competitions.



Mme Eames

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Akeley Wood  Senior School



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