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Maths Club.  Year 7 students have been competing against each other working through GCSE papers.  The students are very competitive and the mark scheme has to be scrutinised carefully to ensure fair marks are allocated!

Year 7.   Set 1 have completed The Open University Developing Geometric Thinking Seven Circles investigation.  Every student created a different polygon from joining different points of intersection from seven interlocking circles.  They used geometrical reasoning to identify the interior angles and learnt how to explain their reasoning using mathematical notation.
Since then we have been exploring algebraic expressions and expanding double brackets with coefficients as well as negative variables and numbers.

Year 8.
 The Tutorial Programme has been learning to solve linear equations with variables on both sides.  Students began this challenge with concrete learning; balancing equations kinaesthetically by using multilink cubes stuck to the board with blue tack to represent unknown variables.  They each were able to work from the board to discover the concept of physically balancing equations.  We then progressed to being able to solve the abstract written equations in our books.

Year 10.  Set 1 consolidated their knowledge on everything “graph” related by working on an end of year project.  They worked in groups and produced a video, PowerPoint presentation, poster on a topic of their choice and presented the key learning points on each topic.  Students also used online graphing tool “Desmos” to help them visualise solutions to graph based questions.  This was followed up with working through exam style questions.


Year 10.  Set 2 have completed some challenging and impressive quadratic graph work for a wall display.  Students constructed their own quadratic equations, factorised them and completed the square.  After inspecting the original equation to identify the y intercept they were able to sketch the parabolas and label the points of axis intersection and maximum or minimum.  Students are now working on solving simultaneous equations graphically, including equations of circles.  This work is Level 8/9 of the new GCSE specification, we are aiming high!


Year 11, 12 and 13 have all taken their exams now – Thursday 30th June was the final examination, the Advanced Extension Award for Louis Forbes Wright.  They have spent the last term doing their final preparation and plenty of past papers.  Year 12 mathematicians are using this time to get a head start on their Year 13 work.


TEXTBOOKS – please can you return any mathematics textbooks you may have lying around at home?  We are particularly short of AS and A level textbooks for the Core modules, GCSE Further Mathematics textbooks and Key Stage 3 homework books. Thank you very much.



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Head of Mathematics

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