Maths at the Senior School

End of Term News

In September, we took the whole of Year 11 to a ‘Maths Inspiration’ interactive lecture show, using the set of the touring production of the award-winning play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’. The students’ learnt about the Mathematics behind the play and the set design, and even got to see a scene acted out by the main character. It was a very interesting lecture, which enabled the Year 11’s to see the practical applications of Mathematics in the ‘real world’.

In October our Year 7 students spent time on their ‘Spooktacular’ event work. They used coordinates to draw spooky pictures and ratio to come up with interesting potions. Throughout October, these were on display in The Hall at Tile House Mansion.

In November our A Level Mathematics students took part in the Senior UK Mathematical Challenge. Cynthia Zhuang, George Harris, Oakley Young, Victoria Annesley and George McGuinness all achieved ‘Bronze’ awards. Charles Brody, Joshua Stapleton and Ryan Lee all achieved ‘Silver’ awards. Ben Oliver, Emily Hua, Robin Wei and Vincent Zheng achieved ‘Gold’ awards and have gone through to the next round called the ‘Senior Kangaroo Challenge’. Well done to all involved.

Akeley Wood School