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MFL End of Term News

This half term has been a busy one in the MFL department.  Year 1 have been learning how to say the colours and numbers and have played lots of language games to help them gain a sound knowledge of the vocabulary. In Year 2 the children have been learning how to talk about the rooms in their houses in French. This week they created their own fantasy house, which they described in French.

Year 3 have been learning how to talk about their likes and dislikes in French and are now able to share their hobbies and pastimes in French. They have gained so much confidence with speaking.

In French this week, Year 4 had great fun using the App “Puppet Pals”. They have been learning about the fairy the sleeping beauty in French and retelling the story. This week they wrote scripts and created their own fairy tale videos and doing their own French voiceovers using this App. All of the children managed to make a video and showed how much French they had learnt. I was amazed by their confidence when recording.

In Year 5 the children covered the topic “space” They consolidated their knowledge of colours and adjectives by writing descriptions of planets and aliens in French. They have really grasped the adjectival endings and improved their French writing skills, whilst having fun at the same time.

Year 6 became video stars this half term. The children have been revising how to talk about themselves in French and ask and answer questions. They all wrote speeches and recorded each other’s presentations. I am so proud of how confident they have become and of how much French they have learnt.  They thoroughly enjoyed this activity, collaborated well with one another and should feel very proud of their efforts.

All of the children have worked very hard this term and continue to amaze me with their confidence and enthusiasm for learning languages. Well done everyone.

Mrs Burdett

Head of Modern Foreign Languages and EAL

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