Mock American Presidential election – Tuesday 8th November 

At Akeley Wood School  we are really proud to expand our political knowledge and awareness. Democracy, and using our right to vote is an important British value.
When we held our Mock Referendum on Scottish Independence we voted as a school to keep the union together. When we held our Mock General Election to choose a new government we voted as a school to have a Conservative government. When we held our Mock Referendum on whether to stay in or leave the European Union we voted as a school to stay in.
So we are sharing this American Presidential election as a further opportunity to express your views and exercise democracy at Akeley Wood School . You will each have one vote: a choice between Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party and Donald Trump for the Republican Party.
Voting cards will be available in form time, from form tutors, on Tuesday 8th November in line with the real election. We will collate and share your results with you.

Miss  Jones

Head of History & Politics

Exceptional Potential Coordinator


Akeley Wood School