Money Workshops

Money Workshops hosted by Santander Bank for years 7-10.


Two speakers, Julia Church and Katherine Judd, provided us with interactive activities on banking.

We discussed the role of banks – the services they should provide and how they make money.  What was really fascinating was how students were encouraged to reflect on the right and responsibilities of banks and their customers.

Our students proved very knowledgeable about the terminology of lending money, financial services, transferring money, saving etc.

Students could volunteer for the role of banker, borrower and saver and see in real terms how their money was monopolised!  Various scenarios were planned out and students invited to vote with how their “Newbank” should respond.

It was fascinating to see the maturity and decision making amongst the various year groups – some who had obviously been well primed!

Student feedback has been very positive and it is rewarding that a talk is valued and enjoyed.

Mme Sylvie Eames Head of Modern Foreign Languages and Head of PSCHE

Akeley Wood School


Akeley Wood School