Music End of Term News

Happy Easter from the AWJS Music Department! We’ve had a really busy term… let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

Year 4 Trumpet Concerts :
“It was exciting to be able to play in a concert having only learned the trumpet for a short time.” Andrew, Year 4

Young Voices at the 02 Arena:

“What an experience! Singing to all those people in the 02 Arena was amazing! We had a fantastic view form our seats.” Joel, Year 6

Opera Workshop Day:

“Being on stage alongside the singers made you imagine what it music be like to perform at an Opera House.” Finn, Year 6
Milton Keynes Brass Festival:

“It was great to hear other schools perform. I think we performed really well on the day – we were very pleased.” Jasper, Year 6

Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts:
School Choirs First Place, Gold Medal and Class Trophy – Akeley Wood Junior School Boys’ Choir School Choirs Third Place and Bronze Medal: The Wicken Singers

“Visiting the Festival was great. We heard some other schools sing and they were really good. It was fun and a great experience to sing in such a big venue.” Izzy, Year 6
“It was so exciting and we were so happy when they said we’d won!” Daniel, Year 3

Open Morning:
“Open Morning is like a mini-concert. Two choirs sang and then we listened to lots of instrumentalists. We were busy all morning and lots of people came to hear us.” Lily, Year 6

Akeley Wood School Music Competition:

“We all performed to each other and the adjudicator in the Drama Den. There were lots of different instruments to hear and some people sang songs. The winners will be performing in a concert with children from the Senior School in a concert hall in Buckingham.”  Lily, Year 6

In addition to all the exciting events mentioned above, our Stave of Success is getting busier and busier by the day. Have a look at all these children who have passed exams or done well in competitions. Don’t forget to let Mrs Morgan know if your name should be on the Stave… you could be next!

Mrs Morgan
Head of Music
Akeley Wood Junior School & Nursery



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