Natural History Museum – Oxford Year 7

Natural History Museum – Oxford

On 24th January, Year 7 went to Oxford to draw insects and birds from the extensive range of exhibits in the Natural History Museum. Two coaches left Tile House Mansion with the whole of Year 7 and the pupils had a very productive morning.  Everyone was engaged and interested, and it was very gratifying to see that a museum can still produce such awe and wonder.
Ms Wykes
Head of Photography
Akeley Wood School

Pupils’ Perspectives

This term, year 7 went on a trip to the Oxford Natural History Museum. While we were there, we saw many exhibits and beautiful animals. Although we had lots of fun and took lots of pictures of different exhibits, we were actually there to take inspiration from the birds, insects and butterflies for our Art lessons. My favourite exhibits were the birds because of their incredible colours and beauty.
Lia Gorman

I really enjoyed my visit to the museum because of all the insects, birds and animals. Also the ‘Micro Sculpture’ photos were really bright and magnificent. Drawing the birds and the insects was fun as well. The birds were my favourite.
Callum Bennett

The visit to the museum was amazing. I saw lots of different creatures, but my favourite was the dinosaur skeleton because it was so big!
Lucy Atherall




Collage by:

Callum Bennett,  Lia Gorman and Lucy Atherall   7MD

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