From as early as 12 months to four years, our youngest children flourish happily in the safe and nurturing environment of our Nursery, underpinned by an excellent early years curriculum that equips them with the skills and confidence for the start of school.

Our specialist early years teaching staff will observe your child’s innate abilities and guide them on their first forays into an exciting new world of discovery.

We utilise a recognised numeracy and literacy programme, embedding valuable consistency that stretches from preschool into Junior School and above. We have also enjoyed great success in employing synthetic phonics techniques to advance reading levels well above the minimum standards required by the onset of compulsory education.

And while we use the early years foundation stage as the basis for a balanced Nursery curriculum, we have also designed it flexibly such that we can tailor our teaching and learning to meet the specific needs of our individual children. Building on their strengths and supporting them in areas they find more difficult, ultimately our aim is to help them to achieve success on their own terms.

From the age of two and a half, your child will benefit from sessions in music, and from age 3 drama, cookery and PE are introduced, taught by specialist staff from our Junior School, illuminating their curiosity and instilling new passions. They will also spend valuable outdoor educational and play time in the inspirational setting of our Forest School, where they learn to engage with their environment in new and stimulating ways.

Throughout their Nursery years, our aim is to spark curiosity, enthusiasm, and independent thought in our young children; to build solid foundations on which they can grow and thrive. And when the time comes for them to start school, they are able to make that leap with confidence and success.

Akeley Wood School