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Holocaust project

Over the past term Year 9 have been looking at prejudice and discrimination and its presence in the Holocaust.

Most recently we were assigned a task to research one specific child whose life was affected by the Holocaust.

This homework served to prove that ‘one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic’ which is a quote we have returned to in our Philosophy and Religion lessons. When you hear that 6 million Jews were murdered you just picture a number and not the 6 million individual Jewish lives that were lost. This has changed our views and helped us to understand the devastating consequences of the Holocaust.

Despite us all having individual children whose lives were changed by the work in different ways it impacted on everyone in our year. Looking at the statistics we discovered that as few as 6 out of our entire year group would have survived the Holocaust which is a devastating thought.

In school we learn about the Holocaust to prevent our generation from tragically repeating history and to remember the lives of innocent children who died before their time.

Ed Bryant, Alice Choulerton, Felicity Grimes, Claire Gurney, Alex Henrickson-Turley, Tom Sandiford, Josie Shuker – Year 9


Here are some of the comments that students made on their research projects.

“There is not much more I can say except that people were so awfully cruel. It was a horrible time and I pray it never happens again on that scale. I say this because in some ways it is still going on now, with all the terrorists. It really is just unbelievable and sad.”

“This makes me feel sad because they were just kids and they were people and it just feels very real and emotional.”

“I honestly can’t put into words how I’m feeling. I just feel empty.”

“I didn’t understand the quote on the front of this booklet [One death is a tragedy. One million is a statistic] until I researched Shulim. Every life had two stories, one of contentment before the war broke out and then a second during the Holocaust, which is a continuation of the same life but in an unnerving and distorted light. It’s a scary but incredible thing to reflect on, and it has been thought-provoking for me.”

Mrs Maltby

Head of Philosophy and Religion







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