Polling Day

Years 2-6 had a great experience learning how to vote today. We had our own polling station in the Tudor Room. 6B were the volunteers to help with this process. We had eight signing in desks and four voting booths. What you had to do is go to the signing desk where they would find your name and highlight it. Then you would get a slip and go to your booth. You vote by putting an ‘X’ in the box of your choice. You fold the paper in to two then slip it into the ballot box.

Thank you to Mrs Bird for setting the whole thing up and Miss Kandaros for letting us set up the polling station in her room. We all loved the experience because we can’t vote outside of School.

The pop-up polling station has now been dismantled and all votes counted at Wicken.  Our turnout was 94%.
The Conservatives won with 63%.
By Jacob Barnett & Arthur Betteridge 6B

Akeley Wood School