Life Lectures

Life Lectures at Akeley Wood School

Life Lectures at Akeley Wood School are a programme of lectures to help students and parents with key topics encountered concerning every-day life.

These informative monthly lectures are each centred around a specific issue: stress, relaxation and mindfulness; mental health; growing a positive mindset; drugs; life coaching; resilience.

Attendance at the lectures is free, please register to come along.  Friends and prospective parents are welcome.

The Life Lecture Series

  • help parents and the wider Akeley Wood School community to understand some of the complex issues that surround them and their children in the modern world;
  • provide positive techniques and methodologies to help parents help themselves and their children to flourish;
  • deal with issues in a positive way, focus will placed on the core elements of well-being: awareness; keep happy and safe; evaluating and learning.

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Monday 13th March 2017 Building Resilience – Trevor Ray Learn what goes into forming a child’s self-confidence and how we, as parents, can help build it.

This very practical session will help you to understand the belief systems that go to form our self-confidence and what we can do to address any issues. It will also give some very simple techniques to build resilience so that our children are better equipped to face what life throws at them – both inside and outside school.


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