Life Lectures

Life Lectures at Akeley Wood School

Life Lectures at Akeley Wood School are a programme of lectures to help students and parents with key topics encountered concerning every-day life.

These informative monthly lectures are each centred around a specific issue: stress, relaxation and mindfulness; mental health; growing a positive mindset; drugs; life coaching; resilience.

Attendance at the lectures is free, please register to come along.  Friends and prospective parents are welcome.

The Life Lecture Series

  • help parents and the wider Akeley Wood School community to understand some of the complex issues that surround them and their children in the modern world;
  • provide positive techniques and methodologies to help parents help themselves and their children to flourish;
  • deal with issues in a positive way, focus will placed on the core elements of well-being: awareness; keep happy and safe; evaluating and learning.

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Monday 13th November



Billiard Room

Akeley Wood House

Habits for Happiness – Lisa Stone
  • Lisa Stone is currently finishing a Masters in Education Coaching and Mentoring – with a focus on Wellbeing, Happiness theory and Resilience .
  • Research has shown that there are certain habits which, when repeated regularly, can significantly improve one’s happiness and wellbeing, as well as reducing stress, building resilience and raising achievement.
  • In this lecture, Lisa will offer a variety of ways in which parents can encourage their children, and help themselves, to increased wellbeing.
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