Senior School Geography Autumn Term

Earthquakes, China, Rainforests, Volcanoes, Flooding, Map skills, Migration, Globalisation, Tropical storms, Cold environments, Wildfires, Development and Disney… just a few of the varied and relevant topics studied in Geography this term across the different year groups. Interesting experiences amidst these included Year 7 creating spooky maps of the world’s scariest places and making contour map models of Tile House Mansion; whilst the foyer of THM has showcased some fantastic China in a box projects created by Year 8. At AWH Year 9 have also been creative, with our classrooms now full of wonderfully creative volcano models made as part of their topic on natural hazards. Years 10 and 12 have made excellent starts to the brand new GCSE and A Level courses, and we are eagerly looking forward to fieldwork trips next year to Devon and Snowdonia, whilst Years 11 and 13 have been working hard towards their exams. As part of their studies this term Year 13 attended an A level Hazards conference in London, where speakers included such luminaries as Professor Iain Stewart, delivering lectures on stage at the Apollo Victoria Theatre whilst a large dragon from the set of Wicked loomed overhead!

Mr  Medd
Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning)
Akeley Wood Senior School




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