Senior School – History and Politics

This has been a busy term with plenty of effort and enthusiasm from our fantastic students across all three key stages. In Year 7 we have established our core skills as History Detectives and launched into the anniversary year of 1066. We commanded the back lawn for our re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings and have completed our first essay on why William won. In Year 8 we have built up our knowledge of the Tudor period and considered why Elizabeth won the Armada battle of 1588. We closely examined the hidden propaganda in her portraits including a dress smothered with eyes and ears! In Year 9 we have examined the causes, key events and consequences of the First World War in this anniversary year of the Battle of the Somme. Thank you for all your positivity and best efforts.
Our Year 10 students have successfully immersed themselves in our new AQA study of Twentieth Century America. We’ve tackled prohibition, gangsters and Roosevelt’s New Deal with gusto! Our Year 11 have dedicated their time superbly to their Controlled Assessment on the American Civil Rights Movement and we wish them every success in their current GCSE Mock Exams.
Our History A Level students have been studying Germany 1919-63 and the Later Tudors in Year 12 and have made fantastic progress with their impressive work ethic under the command of Mr Jackson. Year 13 students have been fine-tuning their analytical skills, in a thematic study of modern warfare, under the leadership of Dr O’ Gorman. They are simultaneously beavering away on their own unique choice of essay period and question with Miss Jones. These titles are self-chosen and stretch from the great Pharaoh of Rameses II to the Bosnian War of 1992-95. Thank you to our History Subject Ambassadors, Jamie Choulerton and Olly Bradford for leading our Remembrance Assembly at AWH. We wish you every success in your January Mock Exams.
Our Politics A Level students have been working hard in Year 12 on their course of UK Politics. Next term we look forward to taking them to London to visit Parliament and the Supreme Court. Our Year 13 students are successfully analyzing US Politics. This is proving to be a legendary year of change in the sphere of UK and US Politics are is great to see the extent to which our Politics students are able to keep up-to-date with a genuine thirst of political knowledge. Thank you to our Politics Subject Ambassadors, George Noble and Hannah Roberts and our other Year 13 Politics students Ed Stubbs, Christian Nielson-Evans and Olly Bradford for leading for leading our Mock US Presidential Election and Assembly at AWH and THM. We wish you all every success in your January Mock Exams.
Finally, a big thank you to Ewan Bell, in Year 7 whose entry about Barack Obama won our annual Black History Month competition. We excitedly look forward to the outcome of our annual Year 7 Castle Competition after Christmas! It has been, a genuine, pleasure working with so many who are passionate about History and Politics and working along-side my team of similarly passionate teachers of History and Politics. Merry Christmas and we wish you all a safe and happy 2017.
Miss Jones Head of History & Politics
Exceptional Potential Coordinator
Akeley Wood Senior School

Sarah Jone s

Akeley Wood School