Senior School Spring Term Music News

A Very Busy and Productive Term for the Music Department

At Key Stage 3 our year 7 students have been studying Programme Music, culminating in a performance of ‘In The Hall of the Mountain King’ by Edvard Grieg. Year 8 students have been learning about Minimalism and Dance Music, studying pieces like ‘Tubular Bells’ by Michael Oldfield and ‘Around the World’ by Daft Punk. Year 9 students have completed a unit of work on Musical Structures, performing and composing music that uses a ground bass structure.

Key Stage 4 has seen our year 10 students doing lots of performing and composing, alongside this we have finished our unit of work on popular music and are now starting to look at the Western Classical tradition. Year 11 have been busily preparing for their GCSE exams and ensuring that all of their coursework is completed by Easter Break.

For our Key Stage 5 students, examination preparation and coursework completion has been our priority with students needing to complete a performance recital and a composition, as well as prepare for their written exams next term.

The extra-curricular life of the music department has also been extremely busy. Our many clubs and ensembles have been rehearsing every week building on key skills and expanding their musical repertoire. Our big event this term was the Akeley 70th Anniversary concert, where students from all three sites came together to perform on a professional stage at the Wavendon Stable theatre. Our GCSE and A Level musicians had their recital evening on March 1, which was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the talent from our older students at Akeley. Our music ensembles at Tile House Mansion ran an assembly on March 23, giving them an opportunity to perform to a captive audience. We saw debut performances from the THM Guitar ensemble and the THM Blues band, alongside the THM Singers, and the THM Orchestra. We were also treated to some solo performances from our THM music scholars.  IN the second last week of term the THM singers and the AWH choir competed in the Milton Keynes music festival. The THM Singers achieved second place in their category, and the AWH choir received some lovely feedback from the adjudicator. The term finished with our Annual music competition, to find our most talented musicians at Akeley Wood School. The winners of our music competition will then go on to compete for the Akeley Young Musician, and Akeley Musician of the year.

Music events next term to look forward to are our Prize-winner’s Concert where we crown our Akeley Musician of the Year and Young Musician of the Year. This year we are moving the event to the Radcliffe centre which we are very excited about. We then finish the year as always without WoodFest celebrations which is always a fun-filled evening of food, fun and music. Our musicians will also be taking a trip to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in May which I am sure will be inspiring to our students.

A big thank you to all of the staff, students and parents for their continued support the music at Akeley.

Mr Powell

Director of Music

Head of Performing Arts

Akeley Wood Senior School

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