At Akeley Wood we strive to foster an outstanding partnership of innovative staff, supportive parents and talented students, and despite being a non-selective school, the success of our approach is borne out in our consistently exceptional GCSE and A-level results.

Akeley Wood GCSE Results 2017

Pupils and teachers at Akeley Wood School have celebrated excellent GCSE results, which eclipse the national picture.  

Tough new exams in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics have tested the quality of teaching and learning at Akeley Wood School and found it to be first class. The reformed exams are graded 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest. Grades 9 and 8 are equivalent to A* and 5 is described as a strong pass.

Akeley Wood School students outperformed the national average with 5% of all grades achieved at the new top grade of 9 (National Average 2.9%).

In addition, Akeley Wood School students achieving grade 5 or above for all three reformed exams exceeded the national average of students achieving grade 4 – an impressive result of which we are all rightly proud.

In the unreformed GCSEs, 31% of students at Akeley Wood School achieved A*/A grades (national average is 22.1%) and 89% achieved A*-C grades (national average 67.4%).

Unreformed GCSEs A*/A A*-B A*-C
Average percentage across all GCSE subject areas 31% 66% 92%
Reformed GCSEs G4+ G5+
English Language 92.3% 74.4%
English Literature 100.0% 88.3%
Mathematics 93.8% 81.3%
All subjects 87.2% 64.1%